Monday, March 25, 2019

Spring into March

What a busy month! I haven't stopped to take a breath - running drawing workshops for Rural Arts, visiting the studios of Anna Matyus and Kim Coley and filling up my studio with ceramic and print experiments!  Oh and a quick visit to Oxford Pitt Rivers and to see the Don McCullin exhibition at Tate Britain - gruelling!
Experiments with sugar lift etching
I'm really pleased with the new sanded Terracotta clay I have been using to make my large vessels and platters.  I've over laid it with a gorgeous white tin glaze and painted oxides, the colour combinations are really striking and have a great contrast.  The decoration is inspired by the pools that cover the area of Pilmoor where I live and I have tried to capture the coarse grass land with expressive mark, scratching and wax resist. 

Ceramic platter 25cm x 25cm

Ceramic vessel 30cm x 20cm