Silkscreen Mono print.

Handprinted on 300gsm Snowdon Cartridge Paper 26cm x 27cm.

Signed and dated on the back by the artist.

Silkscreen Mono Print 'Best Seats in the House' no 2

  • 'The Best Seat in the house' was inspired by a corner in my kitchen and my favourite place to sit and relax. It also gets the best Wi-Fi signal in the house! It’s crammed with all my fav things including my mums loom chairs featured. I’ve spend many ‘lockdown’ winter hours in this corner - drawing, talking to my kids who I miss terribly and prepping the tea. There’s even a bit of room for ‘kitchen dancing’ - my ‘favourite’ Friday night activity!

    This print was created by the the mono printing silkscreen technique and features an image from my sketch book that I have recreated by painting onto a screen to produce a unique print. It is multi coloured and reflects my painterly style of work.