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Hand printed silkscreen print

Printed on 300gsm acid free board.
Prints signed by the artist.
Print area: 43xmx29cm
Prints dispatched flat.

Silkscreen Print 'Fieldfare Social'

  • Hand printed silkscreen print of Fieldfare Birds gathering before migrating back to Scandinavia. I watched these birds in the fields where I live during the Covid pandemic lockdown, such a chatty and social bird I felt very jealous!

    This print uses simple stencil techniques and lots of colour overlays, it is part of a small edition of 10 prints and each one has slight colour changes. It started life as a small sketch and developed into a graphic print.

  • The cost of this print includes postage and packing. The print will be posted flat and sent second class, expect 3 to 5 working days for delivery. 

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