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This is an original limited edition printed and signed by the artist.

This is a second edition of 12 and printed in January 2021 

Unmounted and unframed.

44cm x 32cm

Printed in four colours on acid free 300gsm Hahenmuhle cold press watercolour paper. 



Silkscreen Print 'Hare Social'

  • This silkscreen print was created during the COVID-19 crisis when two young Leverets took up residence in my garden munching their way through my veg patch and playing on the lawn. I turned my pencil drawings into hand drawn stencils and replicated my favourite images of their jumping antics into this silkscreen print. I make limited edition prints from photo stencils using a UV light box. Starting with an original drawing or collage I create artwork that is hand drawn and painted onto acetates and printed in many different layers to build up the image.

    This the second edition of this print the first was printed in August 2020.  Each  print is unique as I mix and paint the ink directly on the surface of the screen to create a painterly effect.

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