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Limited Edition Silkscreen PrintTitle: ‘Green Goals’

Printed on acid free Somerset Satin 300gsm

Size: 56cm x 76cm

Edition of 20

Signed by the artist

Silkscreen Print 'Green Goals'

  • This print was inspired by my collection of windowsill plants, I love all  the different plant  leaf shapes, colours and textures.   I have tried to capture this  by creating textured stencils that overlap one another.  This print features the popular Chinese Money plant or Pilea peperomioides at its centre as its unusual circular foliage  provides a really interesting focal point.  Each print has a slightly different colour combination as I mix the inks directly on the screen. I made this print in my home studio during the 2021 winter lockdown as a cheeful remider of the spring season. 

    The cost of this print includes postage to UK only and it will be  posted flat.  

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